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A message from the Owner...

Donna Durham Danzy, Owner

     Every child deserves an awesome early childhood education and gifted teachers bring preschool to life. At Piedmont Global Preschool, we are totally committed to building close, consistent relationships with children and partnering with parents. Our career teachers work tirelessly to weave individual nurturing and inspiring experiences into each school day. Excellence is visible in our classrooms.

     At Piedmont Global Preschool we are open and honest about the joys and challenges of group child care and preschool education. Supporting young children is emotionally charged, demanding, and incredibly fulfilling!  Teaching and directing in a high quality preschool is among the toughest, yet very best jobs in the world. "Children are 28% of our population and 100% of our future."  As the owner of PGP, I am proud of the child care oasis that we are able to provide in our Triad community!

*Quote from Panel for the Promotion of Child Health




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